Share your difficult journeys in two-wheelers ! 

Objective : Sensitize two-wheelers to road hazards, and more broadly, all road users.

How : By sharing in video your accidents or risks of accident in two-wheelers motorized in a format of 20 seconds. The complete video will last 30 seconds with stops on images and educational focus on the causes of the accident.

The video platform will be available in 2019...

We will go faster thanks to your donations.

Project 2019 !

Discover the international rules of the road !

Objective : Raise the awareness of two-wheelers road trip, and more broadly, all road users.

How : We will put in place an international comparison of the rules of the road.

Project 2020 !

Restore a driving record !

Objective : Raise awareness or reassure two-wheelers who ride daily.

How : 

1. For companies :

We will offer you a driving record* and certificate of good conduct** for each employee who is ready to evaluate himself.


2. For individuals :

We will offer you a driving record*.

Project 2021 !

** The certificate of good conduct optimizes the relationship of trust between the biker and the company.

This certificate does not replace any driver's license.

The driving record encourages bikers to adopt good behavior. It's a way to reassess yourself.

This assessment does not replace the driver's license or the tests of the latter.

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